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Eighteen Kit in Faisalabad


Eighteen Kit in Faisalabad | How to Become a Virgin Again

Eighteen kit in Faisalabad First Wedding night is something every girl dreams about our goal is to make your special moment sweet surprising and memorable stop stressing yourself be a virgin again Eighteen Kit is an excellent product to regain virginity for the right time because happily ever after begins here

How Eighteen kit in Faisalabad Work?  Regain Your Virginity — Fake Blood Included!

Fake blood boxes because it streams down blood as soon as you would possibly need to overlook your hymen. Hymen repair tablets work via way of means of settling the workplace inner it with the dampness of the vagina. A female desires to embed it within the vagina as soon as you’re doing sexuality along your associate it broke and in this way the faux blood inner streams down from the vaginal pathway. Unique Artificial Hymen drugs in Pakistan moreover assist in the restoration of the vaginal pathway and make your sexual mins greater severe and energizing.

Is Eighteen kit in Faisalabad safe ? Artificial Virginity/Hymen Blood Capsule 

Eighteen kit in Faisalabad has been developed in a medical microbiology laboratory and it is made of natural materials such as synthetic blood and cellulose. All the materials used to make the pouch are 100% natural and do not have any side effects hence it is 100% natural and safe. No more painful surgeries or visit to the doctors.


Eighteen kit in Faisalabad are flimsy cellulose this is a form of a movie that guarantees the vagina. It can get via tough proactive obligations but the perceptible aspect is there are Eighteen Virgin Kit in Pakistan which may also inspire you to invite your hymen back.

Aloe Vera



Turmeric Oil

Q & A

  1. The man does not feel the Artificial Hymen?
  2.  No, Natural Himen has a very soft material and once you introduce it, it softens and feels like your inner mucosa!
  3. Can I regain my Virginity?
  4.  Yes! By using Natural Himen you can regain/restore your Virginity
  5. Is It Safe?
  6. Made from material which is biocompatible with body. Highly safe to use. 100% Natural
  7. Features of Artificial Hymen?
  8. 100% Safe & Effective, Easy (Self Use), Fast & Convenient, No side effects, No Pain

Where To buy Original Eighteen kit in Faisalabad ?

You can buy Eighteen kit in Faisalabad in All over Pakistan from Etsybrand,com . One Of the best & largest online Shopping store Delivery in All over Paksitan with 100% Satisfied Customers.

Eighteen kit Price in Faisalabad 5500/-PKR


What is the waiting time before intercourse?


After inserting the hymen pills into the vagina, it is recommended to wait approximately 30 minutes before engaging in intercourse. If the ambient temperature is high, you can directly insert the pills into the vagina. However, during the winter season, it is advised to dip the pills for 20 seconds in water before placing them in the vagina.

How much blood will be visible during intercourse?

A substantial amount of blood will be noticeable during intercourse, creating a surprising experience for your partner.

Are there any potential side effects associated with it?

Artificial hymen pills are crafted from 100% natural herbal ingredients, ensuring a formulation with no side effects. Manufactured in a laboratory that upholds the highest quality standards.

Will it be delivered in a discreet or confidential packaging?

If you request during the order placement, the product will be shipped without any external labeling, ensuring complete discretion. Our packaging excludes our brand name or any explicit reference to the product enclosed. Instead, only a serial code will be provided, affirming its authenticity. This discreet packaging option is designed for individuals concerned about the possibility of family or friends accessing the package. Rest assured, the parcel number will be communicated to you through email or WhatsApp, allowing you to verify the receipt of the original product along with its unique serial code.

What are the precautions?

-Not for oral use

-The pills are designed exclusively for insertion into the vagina.

-Do not insert the pill into the urethra.

-Store in a cool and dry place.

-Avoid use in the presence of a vaginal infection.

-Keep out of reach of children.

What Is Eighteen Kit Expire Date ?

Mention on Eighteen Kit approximately ( 3.5 Years) 3 years 6 Month.



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