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Original Bioaqua Acne Cream in Pakistan


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Original Bioaqua Acne Cream in Pakistan

Original Bioaqua Acne Cream in Pakistan

natural water The price of Bioaqua Acne Cream in Pakistan is derived from natural plants. You can use the cream without worrying about any negative effects because it is safe for the body to use. Its fantastic composition takes into account the telltale indicators of pregnancy, including pimples, acne, blemishes, dark spots, burns, wounds, stretch marks, and pokemarks. In Pakistan, Bioaqua Acne Cream reduces sweat spots and inflammatory swelling while also promoting healthy skin tissue growth.

Weight net: 30g
Gender: Both men and women can wear it
Made in Korea
Name of Brand: Bioaqua
Use: Anti-acne cream; 30g of net content
Three-year shelf life
Effectiveness of acne therapy
Three-year shelf life
Material: extracts from plants, including witch hazel

Bioaqua Acne Cream Results :

It smooths and softens the appearance of the wound marks. In addition to offering good conjunctival bottom skin and a convenient shift value, it also helps to decrease the crusting period and, by avoiding scar formation, can speed up wound healing.


Eliminate imperfections without causing skin irritation.
aid in minimizing the size and redness of pimples.
assist in lowering the quantity of blackheads.
aid in both the prompt healing of pimples and the prevention of new ones from developing.
lighten the skin and reduce the visibility of long-term scarring from acne.
Fast absorb without leaving a sticky behind.
Controlled, efficient face oil application.
Reduce pore size and increase skin suppleness.
Maintain a clean, fresh face.
minimize skin damage repair, acne, and acne scarring.
Get rid of stretch marks, imperfections, and imperfections so you can be happy with your skin.

How To Use BiAqua Acne Removal Cream

1. Adaptable to any time of day. It is advised to use it twice or three times daily.
2. Apply the proper acne cream to the affected areas of your skin evenly after cleansing.
3. Gently rub to aid with absorption.

Original Bioaqua Acne Cream in Pakistan:1499/-PKR


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