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Original Dikson Keratin Shampoo in Pakistan


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Original Dikson Keratin Shampoo in Pakistan

Original Dikson Keratin Shampoo in Pakistan In Pakistan, Dikson Keratin Shampoo is a natural product that maintains the effects of the DKA keratin treatment while gently cleansing the hair. This organic product enhances the hair’s quality and opulent feel while sustaining it. leaving the hair shiny and soft. The Dikson keratin activity cleanser’s strongest feature is that it works well for all hair types and doesn’t include sodium chloride or sulfates.


An organic, bioactive keratin derivative.
The hair is maintained with DKA Bioactive Keratin Cleanser because of its Natural, Bioactive Keratin.
prevents up to 96% of wavy or twisted hair, even when the moisture content is high.
The results last between one and three months, depending on the type of hair.
any artificial additives.
Suitable for all hair types.
Bioactive, natural keratin.
It becomes more exquisite and has a velvety feel, appearing dazzling and delicate.
Stunning with incredibly coiled hair.
Glitter and Softness.
Suitable for all hair types, DKA Bioactive Keratin Cleanser is free of sulfates and sodium chloride.

How does Shampoo Work?

With genuine, biodynamic keratin, Dikson Keratin Shampoo is available in Pakistan. Using accessories that gently cleanse the hair and mitigate the effects of DKA Keratin Treatment does not include sulfites or sodium chloride, making it suitable for all hair types, including those with very unkempt hair. glitter and softness of character Bioactive natural keratin was deeply released into the hair by this progressive consideration framework. The influence of proteins and amino acids is maintained in keratin.

How to Apply Dikson Keratin Shampoo Price in Pakistan? 

contains the primary keratin flood found in the Keratin Jewel recovery treatment line, and it delicately purifies all hair types.
Its formula is perfect for constant washing.
The entire body’s hair is left in a sensitive state.
Distribute the item evenly on damp hair.
Give yourself a back rub and wash. Rehash in light of the circumstances.

Original Dikson Keratin Shampoo in Pakistan:2799/-PKR


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