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Original Hitone Whitening Cream in Pakistan


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Original Hitone Whitening Cream in Pakistan

Original Hitone Whitening Cream in Pakistan Crystallite Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer of the prescription medication known as Cream in Pakistan. Glutathione is an ingredient in Hitone Cream, which is sold in Pakistan. It falls under the group of medications that lighten skin. At Coris Dermatology, we’re dedicated to creating and promoting cutting-edge solutions that improve patient health and are simple, safe, and efficient to use. Malik Falak, CEO of Coris Dermatology, stated, “Our objective is to establish new benchmarks in the workplace to consistently enhance the quality of the products we offer wherever possible.”

Side Effects of Hitone Whitening Cream in Pakistan

The majority of emollients have no negative side effects when used properly and carefully. On the other hand, burning, stinging, redness, or irritation could happen. As soon as any of these side effects intensify or persist, let your pharmacist or doctor know.


Jojoba oil, magnesium, ascorbyl phosphate, alpha-arbutin, licorice extract, kojic acid, dipalmitate, and


First, use Histone Whitening Cream to become more radiant, healthy, and Beautiful Skin Allergic
Not Carcinogenic

When not to use 

In Pakistan, those with a history of medication hypersensitivity should not use Hitone Whitening Cream.
Drugs to stay away from
Before taking any medication, get advice from your pharmacist or medical professional.

Instructions for using Hitone Whitening Cream in Pakistan?

Secondly, every night, apply the cream to the affected region and gently massage it in until the cream is absorbed completely into the skin.
This is the way you shield your skin from UV radiation during the day.

Original Hitone Whitening Cream in Pakistan:1999/-PKR


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