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Original Josh 69 Capsule in Pakistan


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Original Josh 69 Capsule in Pakistan | 60 Capsules

Original Josh 69 Capsule in Pakistan¬†provides your penis internal form and period. It permits the penis’s period to grow longer. It makes your penis seem better, and it lifts and affects your partner on the bed. With the use of this substance, the penis may grow three to five inches longer and one to two and a half inches thicker. This supplement is made with the finest pleasant ayurvedic herbs. Adult people may easily extend their penis’ duration and energy levels with the aid of this ayurvedic supplement. The best ayurvedic supplement made in India is Josh 69 Capsule, available in Pakistan. Josh69 Testo boosters are penile enhancement medications that raise penis blood float levels. That has no negative effects and is essentially natural.


  • Ashwagandha relieves bodily strain and improves electricity.
  • Improves male properly-being by way of growing power and stamina.
  • It’s miles helpful in enhancing bodily electricity.
  • Improves male sexual well-being by means of increasing energy and stamina.
  • Josh69 capsule may also help enhance testosterone ranges in men.
  • Used to relieve weakness in guys.
  • It is helpful in enhancing physical energy.
  • Helps enhance sexual function.

Ultra Josh Capsule HMV Herbals JOSH 69 Power 1000mg Herbal Capsule in Pakistan

The primary purpose of the josh-69 pill is to facilitate thrilling and safe intercourse. Josh-sixty-nine medications keep you safe from adverse effects. It undoubtedly raises a man’s testosterone levels. It promotes the growth of lean muscle, libido, and increased endurance. It functions really well.


Extract Konch beej, extract Gokhru Bada, ashwagandha, extract Shatavari, extract Safed Museli, extract Shudh Kuchla, thriving Bhasma, extract Salabmisri, extract Talmakhane, Swarna Bhasma, Avena Sativa 150mg, lobelia inflata100mg, Valeriana Officinalis 150mg, hypericum Perforatum 100mg.

Josh-69 Oil + Capsule in Lahore Karachi Islamabad Faisalabad Peshawar

We all know that in our modern, hectic lives, we jog behind the money and don’t give our health any thought. Sexual difficulties are among the numerous issues that will arise from this lifestyle, and they will all have detrimental effects. Very good medical treatment Josh 69 pill, also known as “intercourse electricity capsule” in Pakistan, helps you combat this issue and is packed with ayurvedic herbs that improve sexual health and effortlessly get rid of any issues. This is safe, natural, and entirely ayurvedic.

How to use Josh 69 Capsule:

Take 1 josh-69 tablet two times a day, a half-hour after food. For a better end result must be fascinated about milk or as directed by the doctor.

Original Josh 69 Capsule Price in Pakistan:3500\-PKR


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