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Original Melona-HA Serum in Pakistan


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Original Melona-HA Serum in Pakistan

Original Melona-HA Serum in Pakistan replenishes and nourishes the skin. It works with every kind of skin. The perfect combination of active fixes to help with tissue repair and rejuvenate nutrients that the skin needs to feel moisturized and smooth is found in Melona-HA Serum in Pakistan. Changes in the skin are one of the most obvious signs of aging. Wrinkles and drooping skin are signs of growing older. The perfect combination of active components for hydrating and saturating skin is found in Melona-HA Serum in Pakistan 5%.

Melona-HA Serum | Hydration | Anti-aging | Firmness

Prevention of aging:

In this section, hyaluronic acid’s low molecular weight allows for better skin hydration by providing an ingredient.

First and foremost, the skin is protected from the actions of radicals who advocate for change by the anti-cancer qualities of low atomic weight hyaluronic corrosive.

Moreover, the palmitoyl pentapeptides combined with the hyaluronic corrosive work simultaneously to counteract the typical skin-aging interaction.

Thirdly, they replicate the skin’s “grid” layer, which is primarily composed of fibronectin and collagen. Additionally, a lack of collagen causes increased slenderness.


A major role for hyaluronic acid in tissue parchedness, oil, and cell capacity is assumed. Even though the body receives it normally over time, the body’s overall synthesis of hyaluronic acid decreases as does this with all other nutrients and supplements.

Drinking plenty of water

Hyaluronic Acid’s low atomic weight protects against abrasive water misfortune and maintains the dermal water balance.


Hydrocarbon Corrosive:

Every area of the skin is kept steady, protected, and constantly re-established by hyaluronic acid.


Give up listing skin.
function a lot like surface-level restorative systems.

Develop the flexibility and delicate quality of skin even more.
It releases the skin’s tingling and redness.
reduces wrinkles.

How to use Melona-HA Serum 30ML?

Using your fingertips, apply 5 to 7 drops of Melona-HA to your face, neck, chest, and immediately around the eyes. This will aid in the skin’s mechanization.
Moreover, apply in the morning on cleansed skin before applying sunscreen and makeup.
Melona-HA recharged provides the skin with the necessary nutrients to feel hydrated and smooth. It is enhanced with vitamin B5, which is proven to help with tissue repair.

Original Melona-HA Serum in Pakistan:2999/-PKR


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