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Original Protein Powder in Pakistan


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Original Protein Powder in Pakistan

Original Protein Powder in Pakistan Pakistani Powder Rich in Soybean Whey Protein, Whey, Plant Powder, Lecithin, and Immune Egg Protein is Green World Powder. One of the Most Vital Nutritious Components in Our Lives is Powder . Pakistani Powder A Deficit of Protein in the Human Body Can Lead to Physiological Atrophy, Memory Decline Symptoms, and Other Malfunctions.

Pakistani Powder This nutrient-dense food has more than 90% high-quality protein in it. As more people become aware of the nutritional value of powders, their popularity is growing. Pakistani Powder Soy, Whey, and Casein are the three most popular brands, however they come in many forms; Whey has been used worldwide the most frequently.

Work Functions of Protein Powder:

You’re getting better sleep at night and reviving with energy during the day. Occasional constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, and cramps simply disappear when you use powder in Pakistan. You’ve Never Been More Regular. You Feel Amazingly Satisfied, Hunger Pangs and Cravings Go Away, and Weight Control Becomes More Manageable. Then, as the weeks pass, picture…
* Your blood pressure, heart rate, arteries, and cholesterol balance are all functioning beautifully.
* Your joints feel supple as the stiffness goes away.
* Friends compliment you on your skin and say you even seem younger.


1. Encourages the Human Body’s Development and Growth
2. Is Composed of Enzymes That Catalyze Chemical Processes
3. Engaged in the Cell Signaling and Signal Transduction Process; 4. Structural powder Offer Rigidity and Stiffness to the Biological Component That Is Normally Fluid
5. Fulfills the Tasks Assigned by the Data Encoded in Genes.


Active Ingredients and Precious Herbs Are Used in the Manufacturing of powder Ingredients. The primary components of the ingredients are soy protein isolate, peanut powder, and soy lecithin. All of these ingredients are of the highest caliber and are actively affecting the human body in a natural way. This product has no negative effects and is entirely natural.

Original Protein Powder in Pakistan:4500/-PKR


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