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Original Menstrual Cup Price In Pakistan


Original Menstrual Cup Price In Pakistan | Reusable Cup Small Size Feminine Hygiene Product For Women & Girls

Original Menstrual Cup Price In Pakistan is a terrific opportunity for tampons and pads. They are environmentally friendly, now no longer related to Toxic Shock Syndrome (as they may be now no longer absorbent), easy-to-use, and first-class of all, they may be REUSABLE as much as 10-15 years !!! You in no way have to shop for any other pad or tampon ever again !! Menstrual cups extrude many women’s lives every day!

Original Menstrual Cup Price In Pakistan | What is a menstrual cup? 

Original Menstrual Cup Price In Pakistan form of reusable female hygiene product. It’s a small, bendy funnel-formed cup product of rubber or silicone which you insert into your vagina to capture and gather duration fluid.

Cups can maintain greater blood than different methods, main many girls to apply them as a green opportunity to tampons. And relying on your flow, you may put on a cup for as much as 12 hours.


Original Menstrual Cup Price In Pakistan Available manufacturers of reusable cups consist of the Keeper Cup, Moon Cup, Lunette Menstrual Cup, DivaCup, Lena Cup, and Lily Cup. There also are some disposable menstrual cups at the market, including the Instead Softcup.

Keep reading to learn more about how to insert and remove a menstrual cup, how to clean it, and more.

Benefits Of Reusable Original Menstrual Cup Price In Pakistan

Many ladies pick to use menstrual cups because:

  • They’re finances-friendly. …
  • Menstrual cups are safer. …
  • Menstrual cups preserve extra blood. …
  • They’re eco-friendly. …
  • You will have sex. …
  • You can put on a cup with an IUD.

Original Menstrual Cup Price In Pakistan | How to use a menstrual cup

If you’re interested in the usage of a Original Menstrual Cup Price In Pakistan, communicate together along with your gynecologist. Although you may purchase any of the manufacturers on-line or in maximum stores, you’ll first discover what length you need. Most menstrual cup Price in Pakistan manufacturers promote small and big versions.

To parent out the proper menstrual cup length for you, you and your health practitioner need to consider:

your age

period of your cervix whether or not or now no longer you’ve got got a heavy flow firmness and versatility of the cup capacity power of your pelvic ground muscles if you’ve given beginning vaginally Smaller menstrual cups are normally encouraged for girls more youthful than 30 years vintage who haven’t brought vaginally. Larger sizes are frequently encouraged for girls who’re over 30 years vintage, have given beginning vaginally, or have a heavier period.

Before you put in your Original Menstrual Cup Price In Pakistan

When you operate a menstrual cup for the primary time, it could sense uncomfortable. But “greasing” your cup can assist make the technique smooth. Before you install your cup, lubricate the rim with water or a water-primarily based totally lube (lubricant). A moist menstrual cup is lots simpler to insert.

How to put in your Original Menstrual Cup Price In Pakistan

If you could install a tampon, you must discover it rather smooth to insert a menstrual cup. Just comply with those steps to apply a cup:

When to take your menstrual cup out

You can put on a menstrual cup for six to twelve hours, relying on whether or not or now no longer you’ve got got a heavy flow. In this manner, you may use a cup for single-day protection.

You have to usually put off your menstrual cup with the aid of using the 12-hour mark. If it turns complete earlier than then, you’ll need to empty it in advance of the agenda to keep away from leaks.

To take out a menstrual cup, simply comply with those steps:

Wash your hands thoroughly

Apply water or a water-primarily based totally lube to the rim of the cup. Tightly fold the menstrual cup in half, protecting it in a single hand with the rim dealing with up. Insert the cup, rim up, into your vagina like you will a tampon without an applicator. It must take a seat down some inches under your cervix. Once the cup is on your vagina, rotate it. It will spring open to create a hermetic seal that prevents leaks. You shouldn’t experience your menstrual cup if you’ve inserted the cup correctly. You must additionally be capable of the move, jump, take a seat down, stand, and do different normal sports without your cup falling out. If you’re having a problem installing your cup, communicate together along with your doctor.

Cup aftercare

Reusable menstrual cups ought to be washed and wiped smooth earlier than being reinserted into your vagina. Your cup should be emptied at least twice a day.


menstrual cups Price in Pakistan are long-lasting and may final for six months to ten years with the right care. Throw away disposable cups after removal.

Menstrual Cup Price in Pakistan 1500/-PKR


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